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A Proper Wash & Seal

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

It’s time to prepare for a cold winter ahead. With a proper washing and sealing, your driveway will appear smooth and clean in the springtime. You’ve chosen to trust a professional service, but are they taking the proper steps to protect your concrete?

Done Right

You might find some companies claiming to seal a driveway while its still wet. Truth is there is no sealant on the market that makes a product to be applied under wet conditions. Sealants must be applied to a dry surface; if applied to a freshly washed driveway, the sealant will not adhere. This can lead to chipping & pitting! Once water absorbs into the concrete, forget it! The cold weather will cause the concrete to crack! A damaged driveway does nothing for your home’s curb appeal. In our opinion, applying sealant to wet concrete is unprofessional and sloppy. You deserve the full service you’re paying for! A professional service such as this must follow cardinal rules, it’s time to come to Aqua ProWash!

The Solution

Here’s how Aqua Pro Wash will properly wash and seal your concrete.

1. We remove any grime and dirt beforehand—Power washing your concrete will release any dirt, debris, and previous sealants. This ensures a smooth finish.

2. We let the concrete dry—Concrete must dry before applying sealant. We check the rain forecast beforehand to guarantee your sealant will dry properly. Warm weather is crucial for this project; we don’t wash and seal in temperatures under 40 degrees.

3. We apply the sealant and let it dry—We use one strong coat of sealant so you can start using your driveway faster! It’s important for it to dry before using it.

Aqua ProWash will provide you with washing and sealing services you can trust. We 100% guarantee your satisfaction and protection of your property.

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