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Can Power Washing Sanitize My Home?

Lets dive into the benefits

You’ve heard us say how power washing can increase the curb appeal of your home and make it look brand new, but did you know that our power washing and soft washing services will disinfect the surfaces of your home?

How Pressure Washing Works

Power washers are water pumps that use a high pressure of water to clean dirt from your house exterior, roof, concrete, and more. Combined with a high-quality detergent, power washing will remove the most stubborn stains and even disinfect your house and driveway.

High Temperatures Kill Bacteria and Germs

Do you remember your parents scolding you for washing dishes in cold water? That was because cold water doesn’t actually kill the germs, and all your scrubbing would be for nothing. The same goes for power washing your home.

Viruses can’t survive on surfaces more than 100°F, so Aqua ProWash makes sure that our water is heated to that temperature before starting. Then the high temperature of the water will kill the germs that eat away at the surface and chip your paint. In addition, our sanitizing detergent adds on an extra layer of protection to make sure the bacteria stand no chance at getting away!

If you own a commercial business, how confident are you that high-touch surfaces, such as doors, handles, and windows, are being sanitized properly? To keep your guests and employees safe, make sure to contact power washing services like Aqua ProWash to disinfect your property.

It Prevents the Growth of Mold, Algae, and Pests

Four seasons of rain, wind, snow, and pollen will make your home a breeding ground for algae and mold. Hiring power washing services at least once a year will ensure that these allergens do not grow. Pressure washing and Soft Washing professionals also know where the critters hide and will wash them out for you so that they don’t enter your home and cause havoc.

Aqua ProWash applies a gloss protectant afterward to repel dirt and algae, keeping the surface clean and bacteria-free for longer.

It Preserves the Structure of Your Home

If left on your home for years, algae and moss buildup will eat the exterior and cause water to seep under the roof, which can damage the foundation. This damage can lead to expensive roof and foundation replacements down the line, creating a hassle for you. However, hiring power washing services regularly to disinfect the surfaces will prevent this nightmare from occurring.

Why You Need a Professional

Most homeowners and business owners trust a power washing professional to clean their home because a pressure too harsh can damage the paint, structure of your home, or even you. In addition, power washing services like Aqua ProWash know the exact crevices where algae and allergens love to fester, so their knowledge is included in the service. Plus, you prevent the risk of slipping and falling on a wet surface or falling off a ladder or the roof.

Want to disinfect your Ohio home or commercial business? Contact Aqua ProWash for a free quote!

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