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Concrete Power Wash & Seal Protection

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Power Washing & Sealing: What You Need To Know

Let’s think ahead to springtime. You just cleaned the inside of your house from top to bottom. The sunshine has finally melted all the snow, and as you look out your window, you realize something: your driveway is a mess, littered with algae, moss, and old leaves. Even worse, the concrete has cracked.

No one likes spring cleaning. You spent days tediously removing all sorts of grime from the inside, and now you must worry about the exterior. Frankly, you haven’t got the time. Plus, a dirty, fractured driveway is unattractive to the eye (and might provoke neighbors to ask if a natural disaster had occurred).

Luckily, a good concrete wash and sealing can prevent this vision from happening! Let’s break down how sealing concrete can preserve your driveway during the winter.

Why Your Concrete Needs Protection

The Farmers’ Almanac predicts a cold, harsh winter for Ohio this year. Driveways and sidewalks receive enough stress from daily use, but winter snow, freezing winds, and cold temperatures cause even more strain on your concrete. While concrete is a popular choice for driveways and easy to maintain, it’s not invincible to weather.

Water penetrates the pores of concrete and expands when it freezes, which can shatter your concrete. Once there’s a crack, forget it; it will only get worse from there. After just one crack, they can spread to your whole driveway. Salt sprinkled on the surface or stuck to your vehicle’s tires will also eat away at unprotected concrete.

How it Works

At Aqua ProWash, we highly recommend power washing and sealing concrete before wintertime. First, power washing can remove previous sealant, tough grime, and debris from the surface. Power washing will not only start off your springtime with a fresh appearance, but also allow the sealant to glide on smoothly without bumps or bubbles.

Second, concrete sealant will resist the water molecules that seek to penetrate the surface. The sealant soaks into the pores and hardens, preventing the water from seeping inside. This process also repels salt and secures your concrete from chipping (especially from those heavy shovels!).

Act Sooner Rather than Later

The time to wash and seal your concrete is now! As the nights get darker earlier and leaves begin to fall, nighttime temperatures will drop, and your concrete will be at risk. To maximize its effectiveness, the sealant must be applied before temperatures drop. Warmer temperatures will set the sealant properly.

Why You Need a Professional

Everyone loves a good do-it-yourself project from time to time, but it’s probably best to leave power washing and sealing to the professionals. Purchasing or renting the equipment can be a hassle to operate and store away (not to mention time-consuming), especially if you’re only using it once a year. If your driveway already has cracks, they will need to be patched before a sealant can be put down. A simple mistake like setting too high of a temperature on your power washer or incorrectly applying the sealant can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your driveway.

At Aqua ProWash, we use top-notch equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure your driveway will withstand the toughest winter conditions. The time to call is now! Contact Aqua ProWash today for a free quote!

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