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Its Time To Get A House Wash

It’s Time to Power Wash Your House

If you haven’t power washed your house exterior in over a year, your house is due for a spa day. As much as we might hope, rain doesn’t wash away the grime on paneling and concrete. Keeping your exterior clean is just as important as the interior, and our professional services are here to help!

What Does House Washing Include?

Let’s break down what a professional house washing service looks like. Here’s what Aqua ProWash includes:

· Low-Pressure Wash—We choose low pressure to protect the structure of your house exterior. Yet, the cleaning detergent is still tough enough to remove the grime, moss, and algae that have built up and killing all the algae spores.

· External Gutter Wash—We know it’s important to clear blockage in your gutter to prepare for springtime, so we include that in our house washing services. That’s one less hassle for you.

· Gloss Surface Protectant—This finishing touch will slow down the rate at which grime builds, which will further preserve your home.

We will be gentle and safeguard any plants or ornaments. Aqua ProWash 100% guarantees to protect your property.

Why Do I Need It?

Over time, grime will build up and actually eat away at the exterior of your home and damage paint. Yes, even the indestructible coating on your concrete is susceptible to mold. House washing will gently remove the filth and allergens on the exterior and will also eliminate any insects burrowing in those small, hard-to-reach corners.

Second, house washing will restore the appearance of your home and increase curb appeal. This may be obvious, but when your house is on the market, the first part of your property buyers will notice is the house! Your house will look as beautiful as the day you got it. Keeping up with house washing every year will prevent major remodeling or refurbishing projects down the line.

How Often Should I Get it Done?

We recommend washing your exterior every 12 months to account for the changing weather and caked on-debris from four seasons. House washing once a year will also prevent stains from becoming permanent.

We suggest moving forward with power washing in the springtime, when allergens are high and all that moss and algae from the winter are begging to be removed. Additionally, everyone will be outside more, meaning more eyes will look upon your house!

Why Do I Need a Professional?

The release of grime from your house exterior may be oddly satisfying to watch, but house washing is a time-consuming task. Professional work will save you time. It’s as easy as one day! Imagine all the weekend hours you’ll save! You work all week; let us handle the labor for a change.

Lack of proper technique could destroy your house exterior as well as any decorations or ornaments you treasure. Handling heavy equipment and navigating on slippery surfaces might cause an accident.

Last, professional house washing will save you money. It’s a hassle to buy and store equipment you may only use once a year. At Aqua ProWash, we bring everything you need to give your house a beautiful curb appeal.

Our team at Aqua ProWash has professionally power washed 100s of houses in Northeast Ohio and are happy to restore and protect your property with soft washing, concrete sealing, and more! Contact us for a free quote today!

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