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Roof Washing & Why You Need It!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Why You Need a Roof Washing

The roof is the fortress of every home. It’s the frontline for every weather condition. Rain hits it the hardest, snow weighs it down the most, and we know branches love to take a swing at it occasionally. And this is every day, all year!

With all this in mind, there’s probably a lot of debris up there. It’s time to get a thorough, professional roof washing!

What Does Roof Washing Include?

Let’s break down what a professional roof washing service looks like. Aqua ProWash specializes in washing metal, shingle, and adobe roofing and includes the following services:

· Soft Wash—We use a low-pressure system, combined with a top-grade cleaning detergent, to remove tough grime, moss clumps, and black algae from your roof. Yet, it is light enough to preserve your shingles at the same time.

· Debris Removal—We will clean any branches, leaves, or other unwanted debris from your roof as well.

Why Do I Need It?

As we said above, roof washing will remove all unwanted debris, but failing to wash your roof will cause staining on the surface, which, down the line, won’t look appealing if you’re trying to sell your home. Appearance is everything; buyers will trust more in the structure of your home if they see a clean roof.

This debris can also eat away at your shingles and cause them to curve upward. Without a routine roof washing, an expensive shingle replacement may occur in the future. If you’ve got allergies, the shady side of your dirty roof will also grow mold and trigger some sneezing (and no one likes that).

After washing your roof, professionals will notify you of any missing shingles or holes in the roof. This knowledge can save you time and keep damages from getting any worse.

How Often Should I Get it Done?

At Aqua ProWash, we recommend roof washing every twelve months, specifically when the warm weather hits in the spring. Washing your roof this frequently will prevent any existing damages from exacerbating.

Why Do I Need a Professional?

The main reason why you should trust a professional to wash your roof is safety. It is quite a dangerous climb up to the roof (especially if you tend to sway towards the clumsy side); a misstep on a ladder or losing your footing on a slippery surface could result in a terrible disaster and permanent damage to your body and your roof. Trust us to take that risk instead.

Buying and storing power washing equipment can be a hassle and an expensive investment. Not knowing the right setting or temperature to wash your roof with might damage it. Aqua ProWash stands by proper soft washing techniques and top-quality equipment that will transform your roof into the cleanest on the block!

Finally, with a professional power washing company like Aqua ProWash, your property is protected with a 100% guarantee. Cleaning detergent tends to run off the roof in an unpredictable manner; therefore, we will ensure the protection of your vegetation and lawn decorations.

If you’re tired of a dull-looking roof, Aqua ProWash is here to help! Get a free quote on our roof washing services today!

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