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Why You Need a Gutter Washing

Why You Need a Gutter Washing

The purpose of a gutter is to channel rainwater away from your home. What happens when it can’t accomplish that purpose? A nightmare. House damage that costs thousands of dollars. And a bunch of frustration because this damage was preventable.

Gutter washing is usually an afterthought, the pesky item that you left off your to-do list for spring cleaning. Most homeowners do not look forward to hoisting themselves on a ladder and completing the tedious job at hand. But forgetting about this important task will damage your home and affect its appearance. It is time to involve a professional power washing service, like Aqua ProWash, who can clean your gutters and prepare your home for the upcoming season.

Why Do I Need It?

There are several reasons to invest in gutter washing. Let’s break down a few reasons why it is essential to upkeep maintenance on your gutters.

· Clogs in gutters can cause water to creep under the roof and damage it. Whether they create water damage or add extra weight to the roof, the results aren’t pretty.

· These clogs can also cause water to seep into the interior and damage the foundation, which is a nightmare for any homeowner.

· With lack of maintenance, ice dams can form during the winter. These thick slabs of ice will build up over time and are capable of tearing off gutters and committing terrible roof damage. Gutter replacement can cost thousands of dollars, which your wallet won’t take a liking to.

· The constant removal of leaves and debris will also dissuade pests and small animals from setting up camp in your gutters. From the gutters, they have access to your home, which can be a hassle.

If your house is on the market, a gutter system stuffed with leaves and twigs (and possibly critters) will make the house appear neglected and unattractive. Think about it: who wants to buy a house if it is not upkeeped? After all, they need to trust it will stay standing for the next 20 years.

How Often Do I Need Gutter Washing?

We recommend to clean your gutters twice a year: once in the springtime and again in the fall. These seasons are when twigs, leaves, and pests build up the most, and falling behind on gutter maintenance will damage your home’s foundation.

Why Do I Need a Professional?

It might appear easy to just get on a ladder and remove the debris yourself, but it is actually quite dangerous. So, leave it to the professionals to clean your gutters; it is not worth it to slip and fall! At Aqua ProWash, we will manually pick the debris out from your gutters and then jet wash the entire gutter system to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned. We also 100% guarantee the protection of your property.

Aqua ProWash will use top-notch equipment to protect your home and increase its curb appeal. The time to call is now! Contact Aqua ProWash today for a free quote!

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