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Is your driveway, patio or walkways being attacked by that ugly algae or moss?

Aqua ProWash boasts a proven history of delivering top-notch power washing services in Medina, OH, and nearby areas. We specialize in fully restoring your concrete, revitalizing its original, clean appearance, and enhancing curb appeal. Driveways and sidewalks endure daily wear, compounded by winter weather. Our power washing services safeguard against cracking, ensuring a lasting, attractive finish

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how it works

At Aqua ProWash, we highly recommend power washing and sealing concrete before wintertime. First, power washing can remove previous sealant, tough grime, and debris from the surface. Power washing will not only start off your springtime with a fresh appearance, but also allow the sealant to glide on smoothly without bumps or bubbles.


Second, concrete sealant will resist the water molecules that seek to penetrate the surface. The sealant soaks into the pores and hardens, preventing the water from seeping inside. This process also repels salt and secures your concrete from chipping (especially from those heavy shovels!).


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