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  • What is Artillery Fungus
    Artillery fungus on siding forms small, black, cup-shaped structures, ejecting sticky spores that may lead to stubborn stains and aesthetic concerns.
  • How Long To Pressure Wash A House
    Depending on the grime buildup and surface undergoing the treatment it can range from 1 to 3 hours
  • What Is The Green Mold On My House
    Green mold on a house exterior results from moisture and shade, posing cosmetic issues. Regular cleaning and addressing moisture problems can prevent its recurrence.
  • What is Soft-Washing
    Soft washing is a gentle exterior cleaning method using specialized detergents and low-pressure water. It effectively removes dirt, mold, and algae, ensuring surfaces are cleaned without causing damage.
  • Soft-Washing Benefits
    Soft washing benefits include gentle cleaning, preventing damage, removing mold and algae, and ensuring longer-lasting results for surfaces without the high pressure associated with traditional power washing.
  • How Much Pressure Do You Use
    The max amount of pressure used when applying the cleaning detergents is around 100 PSI. When rinsing a max pressure of 300 PSI is used
  • How Often Should I Wash My Home
    Wash your home annually to prevent dirt, mold, and algae buildup, which can eat away at siding, compromising its appearance and structural integrity. Adjust frequency based on climate.
  • Concrete Sealing & How Often
    Seal concrete every 2-3 years for optimal protection. Regular sealing enhances durability, prevents cracks, and maintains a fresh appearance, shielding against weathering and contaminants.
  • What Concrete Sealer Is Best?
    Siloxane concrete sealer excels due to its superior water repellency, deep penetration, and breathability. It offers long-lasting protection without altering the surface appearance, making it an ideal choice for preserving concrete structures effectively.
  • Power Washing VS Soft Washing
    Pressure washing uses high-pressure water for intense cleaning, suitable for robust surfaces. Soft washing is a gentler method, employing low pressure and specialized detergents, ideal for more delicate surfaces and preventing damage.
  • Driveway, How Do You Clean It
    We apply specialized detergents to break down dirt and stains on concrete driveways. Then, using a high-pressure surface cleaner, we thoroughly clean and lift away the debris, leaving the surface refreshed.
  • Does Exterior Cleaning Save Energy
    Exterior cleaning, like soft washing, preserves surfaces, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements. A well-maintained exterior can contribute to better insulation, thus saving on heating and cooling energy consumption.
  • How Does Soft Washing Kill Bacteria
    Soft washing kills bacteria by using a cleaning solution specifically designed to eliminate microbial growth on surfaces. The detergent, when applied with low-pressure water, effectively eradicates bacteria, ensuring a thorough and sanitary cleaning process.
  • How Do You Wash My Roof Shingles?
    We tackle this problem with Soft Washing, applying a solution to eradicate algae spores on shingles, gently rinsed with low-pressure water. Soft Washing, with algae detergents, eliminates all growth, elevating your property's appeal and fostering a healthier, cleaner environment.
  • Can Pressure Washing Break My Windows
    Pressure washing windows involves high-pressure water, which can be too intense and may cause damage. Soft washing uses low-pressure water and specialized detergents, providing a gentler, safer method for cleaning windows without risking breakage or water intrusion.
  • What Is Cleaned With Aqua House Wash
    Included in our house wash process is all the Home Siding, Facia, Gutter Face, Drip Edge & Down Spouts Exterior. When job is completed all debris are swept up and or sprayed away from home leaving your property clean and free of any obstructions
  • pressure washing vs power washing
    Pressure Washing: Uses a high-pressure stream of regular-temperature water. It is effective for general cleaning of surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, and decks. Power Washing: Involves using hot water in addition to high pressure. This is particularly useful for tasks that involve removing tough stains, grease, or chewing gum.
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