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roof cleaning

Those black streaks are not mold or mildew or a failing roof, those gnarly black streaks and discolorations on your roof is actually bacterial algae called "Gloeocapsa magma"

We address this issue using the Soft Washing technique, applying a solution that eliminates algae spores on shingles, gently rinsed with low-pressure water. The Aqua Roof Clean renews and brightens your roof, ensuring lasting results. Soft Washing, coupled with effective detergents, eliminates all growth, enhancing the curb appeal of your home or business and fostering a healthier, cleaner environment

5 year Warranty included!

roof cleaning


how it works

Let’s break down what a professional roof washing service looks like. Aqua ProWash specializes in washing metal, shingle, and adobe roofing and includes the following services, Soft Wash—We use a low-pressure system, combined with a top-grade cleaning detergent, to remove tough grime, moss clumps, and black algae from your roof. Yet, it is light enough to preserve your shingles at the same time. Debris Removal—We will clean any branches, leaves, or other unwanted debris from your roof as well.

At Aqua ProWash, we recommend roof washing every twelve months, specifically when the warm weather hits in the spring. Washing your roof this frequently will prevent any existing damages from exacerbating.




Aqua ProWash
Our Low Pressure Roof Cleaning process. Apply cleaning detergents

then rinse off with low pressure water irradicating all algae growth.


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